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You will be able to know how to get help online and the available information online.

Statistics information online: Information on data analysis.

- Information on statistical research.
- Homework questions on statistics.

Basically, all information to do with statistics, is available-you only need to search for what you need.

All this information is useful to students of different levels, K-12, University, and even college level. Whenever you are using any online resources for your assignments, it's important to only use the tried and tested sites.

Statistics is a broad topic which involves collection of data, processing and analysis, interpretation and presentation of the findings. Sourcing for relevant resources for the same can be tiresome. Also, it can be a very expensive affair. It is for this reason that some sites offer customized tutorials for individuals.

Online you will also get online tutors who can assist you through emails and video chats. Professionally experienced tutors are available to assist in specific statistical problems efficiently.

Brief history of online statistics help

There thousands of students pursuing courses the requires statistical knowledge. Many of these students are gifted differently with some experiencing serious challenges in sciences. Since they cannot do without the science subjects and succeed, they need external assistance beyond the classroom. Many successful online tutorials and websites have been put in place to meet such need;to help those students facing challenges in various subjects.

It's true that science subjects enable learners get opportunities they would otherwise only wish of.
Statistics is one of the key subject in one's career. Many students however face serious challenges in this area.

Benefits of online help
Students are able to learn and understand more that they would have if they were in a class set up. The students are able to get personalized help which addresses any of their specific challenge.

The students are able to apply what they have learned even better because they have a better understanding of the subject.

Online statistics help students in establishing their career foundation on a strong footing.

There are several areas in which students can be assisted in:

Students face challenges in understanding statistical terms. Online tutorials comes in hand in helping the students get a better understanding of the terms.

Secondly, students can face challenges in solving statistical problems. There are hundreds of online tutorials to help the students grasp the computation concepts better.

Basically, students, through studying online, they will be able to pass their examinations, submit well researched assignments, be better performers in the career paths.


Getting homework assistance online, is an indispensable phenomenon today. Students need to seek help where necessary, since there hundreds of materials available online-all for them. Also there tutors available 24/7 to provide help when contacted.

Education being the backbone of every nation, all the available study materials available beyond the classroom, must be utilized.

Is It Wise to Try to Get Dissertation Statistics help

You may be thinking of hiring a statistician to help with your dissertation, but that is not always the solution to your problem. There are lots of circumstances to consider, and there is a lot to ponder about.

First of all, you may not even allowed to do so. In some cases, part of the academic achievement that you need to prove is to do your own statistical work, being able to use software (such as SPSS, Stata or SAS), get the appropriate results and provide relevant write up from the results provided by the software.

In other circumstances, doing your own stats work is not required, and students are even encouraged by their advisors to hire a competent statistics consultant, under the obvious premise that you will need to be able to interpret and put in context the results provided by the statistician.

So, first of all, you will need to assess your own situation, talk to your advisor and determine what level of help could you get from an external source. Sometimes you will barred from doing so, sometimes you will be encouraged to do so.

Cost of Hiring a Statistician

How much does it cost to hire a statistician? It ranges a lot, it depends on the procedure(s) that you need to conduct. There are some cheap ones and some really expensive ones. You will need to consider that you will always try to hire the best quality you can afford, especially if you are dealing with your dissertation.

But also keep in mind that if you hire an extremely experienced and trained statistician for a very simple task, the price will be much higher than the price a regular statistician will charge. So, keep in mind that the qualifications of the statistician you hire are proportional to the complexity of the problem you are tackling.

This means that, if you are going to perform some simple procedures, such as t-tests, ANOVA, regression, etc, you don't need a NASA scientist for that. Simple procedures can be easily handled by say even stats grad students. But if you are going for more complex procedures like longitudinal analysis, censored data, SEM, just to mention a few, you will need someone with a much stronger foundation, with stronger qualifications.

Theoretical Knowledge versus Practical Knowledge

One last thing to consider is the difference between theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge. Many people with backgrounds in Math and not necessarily in Statistics will be able to conduct decent analysis because they have proper practical knowledge: They understand how the tests work, they understand and have experience on using the appropriate software for the job, and they can interpret the software outputs to provide appropriate write ups, but they may not have necessarily a strong theoretical foundation.

Other people, typically professional statisticians will have a fairly strong theoretical background, and they may or not have proper training using software (usually they do). Such strong experts in both theoretical and practical aspects of Statistics will tend to be more expensive, so you need to evaluate if you need that kind of expertise for the time being, consider the caliber of the work that needs to be conducted.

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